Tradition wrapped in the future

The University of La Laguna contributes to the Campus RUP alliance two centuries of experience in Higher Education, a library of 700,000 volumes with an ancient treasure of 20,000 titles and an Institute of Astrophysics, a worldwide reference. Its new rector, Rosa Aguilar, will promote the physical and virtual mobility of more than 10,000 students through the universities of the EU-RUP area

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IF WE LOOKED at the University of La Laguna (ULL) as a giant, we would see that one of its two legs emerges from a generalist profile sculpted over two centuries, while the other is elongated towards the future supported by the research of Vanguard. And as a skeleton, a wide hundred vertebrae that make up the Bachelor, Doctorate, Masters and Own Degrees degrees where a good part of his research excellence rests. Your nervous system is kept up to date with a virtual campus that has been operating for ten years and that the 25,000 people who make up the ULL community use and fill with life.

As a leader in research in Astrophysics, the University of La Laguna contributes infrastructure and large research facilities to the Campus RUP project through its Research Support Service (SEGAI), which bases part of its success on a model known as the quadruple propeller. , a gear that connects ULL research with industry, government and society.

In its declaration of reasons to be part of Campus RUP, the University of La Laguna highlights the possibilities that, in its opinion, the Consortium provides to expand the intelligent and multidisciplinary specialization in the areas of Tourism, Regional Development, Marine Biology and Languages. It considers that the joint direction of doctoral theses, already experienced by ULL professors and professors of associated universities, is another incentive to share, in two directions, with the universities of the outermost regions. It is committed to becoming, together with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a point of reference and training in Spanish for the RUP partners.


The decree of its foundation was signed by King Carlos IV on March 11, 1792, but it took more than a century, with its political ups and downs and name changes, to obtain in 1913 its current name. The rest of the years has shaped a clear profile of an institution that aspires to excellence in higher education, research and knowledge transfer, and this spirit is breathed on its four campuses: Central, Anchieta, Guajara and Ofra, all in the municipality of La Laguna, to which we must add some scattered centers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.


Two long centuries of history, and the public institution continues to show its academic vigor that has allowed it to grow until today exceeding the twenty-five thousand people that make up its community of students, professors and administration and services personnel.

Its new chancellor, Dr. Rosa Aguilar Chinea, is Professor of Systems Engineering. She has taken office in June 2019. She will lead the development of the Campus RUP project, with its mobility milestones among ultraperipheral universities –more than 10,000 outgoing students, in the case of La Laguna– and their joint degrees: a Master in European Studies and another, in Blue Economy.

ULL Community 25.000
Students 23.000
Professors 1.695
Administration and services staff 851

(Source: University of La Laguna)


One of the indisputable attractions offered by the University of La Laguna is shared with its counterpart ULPGC. It is the Tricontinental Atlantic Campus (CEI-Canarias). Both institutions have set up a university teaching experience called to become the Atlantic center of reference as a catalyst for talent and for teaching, research, innovation and transfer projects for the Europe-Africa-Latin America axis.

The project is based on three areas of relevance: Marine and Maritime Sciences and Technologies, Astrophysics and Biomedicine applied to development cooperation, having as a transversal axis integral sustainability.

The subprojects that define it cover all areas of excellence: teacher improvement, adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, scientific improvement, innovation and knowledge transfer, campus transformation and internationalization.


Grados 45
Programas de Doctorado 52
Máster Oficial 51
Títulos propios 25

(Source: University of La Laguna)


Oriented towards the future, the University of La Laguna has a wide and varied range of doctoral programs covering all branches of knowledge: Experimental Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Engineering. To this is added an extensive catalog of own titles and university extension courses that it completes with a varied complementary cultural offer.

But, undoubtedly, one of the relevant aspects of the ULL in the specific context of the outermost regions comes from its alignment with the Spanish internationalization strategy of the Universities. The ULL has promoted what is known as internationalization at, I @ H, or what is the same, to make remoteness virtue.

Internet is allied to overcome the barriers that prevent a good part of the academic community of the Canary Islands from studying in foreign universities. In its declaration of reasons to participate in the Consortium, the ULL declares that the outermost regions must and can stop being conditioned by their distance from the continent and that the obstacles to physical mobility can be corrected to a large extent with solid curricula that can Follow from home.

«Our I @ H models and practices can be shared among all members of this alliance. The ULL suggests creating a joint external promotion that makes our institutions visible abroad and share efforts and cost (…) The ULL wishes to become, together with the ULPGC, a point of reference for training in Spanish in the Campus RUP project. Our language services, as well as our official titles in Spanish and French Philology, should encourage mobility and research.»

Rosa Aguilar Chinea
Rosa María Aguilar Chinea, rectora. ULL Chancellor.– © Universidad de La Laguna.


Three large Research Plans weave their architecture in R&D:

  • National R + D + I Plan (Government of Spain).
  • Strategic Research Plan 2014/2020 (Governments of the Canary Islands).
  • Own Research Plan.

To this structure, in 2016, it added the EURAXESS network, an initiative of the European Commission that advises researchers on administrative matters and the financing of R+D+i projects. It has a twofold objective: to favor the mobility of research personnel by facilitating the integration of the scientist in the European country in which he has decided to develop his career and, at the same time, offer the subscribing universities a network of contacts that makes the recruitment of talent easier. The adoption of the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (Letter and Code) is one of the key elements in this process, so that the University of La Laguna is committed to an open model of hiring academic researchers through recruitment processes with clear rules and guarantees that promote employment opportunities and mobility both within the university itself (internal mobility) and between universities (external mobility).

In this context, it is noteworthy the increase of European research projects that, in the last five years, have gained weight in the ULL. A factor that the people in charge of the ULL believe will improve the scientific production indicators of the University and become, at the same time, a source to share among the partners of the outermost regions universities coalition.

Carmen Rubio Armendáriz: «Campus RUP will contribute to the appreciation of the outermost regions singularity»


The University of La Laguna provides other relevant competitive advantages for the Campus RUP project:

  • Specific research projects on RUP regions, within the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.
  • Intelligent Specialization Strategy of the Canary Islands (RIS3).
  • Geographic location that facilitates interaction with Africa and cultural affinity that facilitates it with Latin America.
  • Legal Security and Special Tax Regime of the Canary Islands.
  • Canary Islands as a natural laboratory to develop pilot projects on issues of great social and scientific impact.
  • The qualification of the Canarian universities as Tricontinental Campus of International Excellence of Regional Area as a mark of excellence.
  • Creation of Research Networks in areas of excellent science.

The two Canarian universities also contribute their experience in the Network of Excellence of Insular Territories (RETI), a global organization created just ten years ago and that is more than successful when it comes to joining strategies and sharing resources to show the strength researcher of the Universities that integrate it. An opportunity that the two Canarian universities have taken advantage of to position themselves in their regional environment but within a global context. Issues such as oceanography, literature in Islands, culture, tourism, renewable energies or sustainability give shape to the topics and research shared by RETI members, including three RUP Universities: ULL, ULPGC and La Reunión, together to the universities of Newfoundland (Canada), Corsica, Price Edward Island (Canada), Aegean (Greece) and Ryukyus (Japan). An experience that makes the commitment to the RUP University Consortium on the oceanic borders of the European Union more viable, if possible.


The declaration of the ULL in the arguments justifying the ULL’s commitment by the RUP university Alliance:


Mobility, virtual exchanges and research among the universities of the ORs already exist and the University of La Laguna is one of its most active promoters.

It has been promoting the interaction of its students, professors and administrative staff with researchers and staff of other higher education institutions of the outermost regions through different programs, both from the European Union and from outside it. This existing interaction occurs not only through physical mobility, but through other tools such as virtual exchanges and research collaborations. Therefore, what is now intended with the implementation of Campus RUP coalition is to amplify the project and that each partner is a solid and permanent participant in each mobility, title and research project led by an outermost region university.


The University of La Laguna will promote the mobility of 43% of its university community within the RUP Campus, for three years. Its mobility scheme in the university alliance of the outermost regions is as follows:

Physical mobility Virtual mobility
Students 150 10.000 43%
PhD candidates 10 30
Professors 20 30
Researcher 20 20
Staff 20 30

(Source: Campus RUP alliance)

The ULL leads in the Campus RUP project the implementation of the joint strategy that should set high-level and long-term objectives.

To do this, it will launch a round of consultations and workshops with all the partners of the Alliance to define among all the common objectives and the fields of specialization.

Once this is done, the ULL will define the common strategy of the project with an innovative approach that will also define the strategic sectors. The final objectives of Campus RUP must meet both those defined by the partners of the Alliance and the objectives defined by the European Council in December 2017 for the European Universities Initiative.


Year of creation

Created in 1792 as the Literary University of the Canary Islands by decree of King Carlos IV, the institution will suffer several stoppages due to political ups and downs until its final constitution as university headquarters in 1913.




Six Campus, the Central, located in the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, and the Anchieta, Guajara, Ofra, Santa Cruz and Adeje campuses. In addition to the building of the Rectorate and the Vice-rectorships, it has three Major Colleges (San Agustín High School, Santa María High School, San Fernando High School) and the Las Islas University Residence Hall. It distributes its dependencies between the cities of La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and its university extension includes programs of study in several islands: Environmental University in La Palma, Summer University of Lanzarote, Summer University of La Gomera and the Classrooms of the Sea in El Hierro.


Rosa María Aguilar Chinea, Professor of Systems Engineering.


45 undergraduate degrees, 52 Doctorate studies, 51 Master’s degrees (21 of them in extinction due to renewal of the Study Plans) and 25 Own Titles. In the offer of online studies, it offers 3 Official Degrees, 2 Own Degrees, plus 9 Degrees between Officers and Own, with blended character.


More than 700,000 volumes, 12,000 titles of magazines, 20 titles of current press and some 20,000 special materials such as CD, DVD, photographs and maps. In addition, the collection of electronic resources has more than 80,000 monographs, more than 20,000 journals and some 80 databases and scientific information portals. It holds an important Old Fund with 20,000 titles, including two hundred manuscripts and a score of incunabula, as the first books printed in Europe since the creation of the printing press by Gutenberg until 1501. It also has a Century Fund XVI with 800 printed volumes, mostly in Latin and religious, among which the collection of Bibles and volumes of medicine or geography, as, for example, the first atlas of Ptolemy. Also part of this fund are personal archives of writers and / or historians who have decided to donate their bibliographic heritage to the ULL, including, in many cases, their own manuscripts. The ULL Library also has a specific fund of more than 35,000 works on the Canary Islands and a current catalog of 2,000 magazines and newspapers.


Promote the social, cultural and economic development of the Canary Islands from the knowledge.


To be a reference university in the Atlantic context for talent, learning experience, research and social contribution.


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