Letter from MEPs from outermost regions on the Campus RUP alliance

"The outermost regions are a real opportunity for Europe as a laboratory for new ideas", the parliamentarians affirm in their letter

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SEVEN MEPs from the outermost regions have signed a letter of support for the Campus RUP project, the consortium formed by the universities of Las Antillas, Azores, Guayana, Madeira, La Reunion, La Laguna and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to create a European overseas university that, within three years, will move 50,000 university students from the most remote regions of the European Union, offer joint higher education programs in a virtual and physical campus, and produce science and innovation in strategic sectors for the EU as the adaptation to climate change, clean energy and the blue economy.

The MEPs Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, Ricardo Serrao Santos, Sofia Ribeiro, Liliana Rodrigues, Omarjee Younnous, Louis Joseph Manscour and Gabriel Mato Adrover adress their letter –dated April 24, 2019– to the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Tibor Navracsics, to whom they transmit that the ultraperipheral MEPs support Campus RUP, among other reasons, because «the outermost regions are a real opportunity for Europe as a laboratory for new ideas».

The full content of the letter originally written in English is as follows:

Brussels, 24th April 2019

Dear Commissioner Navracsics,

We are writting you concerning the recent launch of the European Universities Initiative under de 2019 Erasmus Plus call. In this regards, we are glad to inform you that, following this call, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, together with the Universities of La Laguna, The Antilles, French Guiana, Azores, Madeira, and Reunion Island, has successfully submitted the project Campus RUP, a consortium of ultraperipheral public universities with a common target: showing the European Institutions that our Outermost European Universities have a word to say in the development of the higher education system across de EI-J.

The main objective of this initiative of cooperation is to devise a common strategy based on raising the awareness on the critical importance of a real European feeling and consciousness in order to strengthen a European identity in the most remote places of the EI-J.

The aim is to show that our Outermost Regions are a real opportunity for Europe as a laboratory for new ideas and for the development of projects that continental universities would not even consider.

As such, the purpose of Campus RUP is to train future professionals from the Outermost Regions of the EU to feel fully integrated and conscious about Europe, highlighting the different opportunities that the EU offers to future and current professionals,where, in many cases these opportunities are not taken advantage of to their full potential due to lack of knowledge of their existence and main characteristics amongst students and staff living in the Outermost Regions. One of the final objectives of this project will be the setting up of a joint diploma in European studies, which will enrich the training of the students, and staff, influencing their professional development as participants in an EU without borders. 

In sum, this is an initiative that combines training, mobility, scientific development and citizenship, and whose significance is essential, not only for the strategy of the EU’s Outermost Regions, but also for the entire EU. Hence, through the present letter, the MEPs representing these regions in the EP would like to draw your attention to this project, which we support with conviction and all our strength. Finally, we would like to request your support for it.

Thank your very much in advance and best regards,

Juan Fernando López Aguilar

Ricardo Serrao Santos

Sofia Ribeiro

Liliana Rodrigues

Omarjee Younous

Louis Joseph Manscour

Gabriel Mato Adrover

«Campus RUP is an unbeatable example of innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment to Europe from the outermost regions»

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