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Europa Rup settles in Marine Park to observe and report the blue innovation that is emerging in one of the most creative poles of the outermost regions of the EU

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IN JOURNALISM, it is said «to be embedded» when you coexist with the protagonists of a story to follow it and report from the field. Europa Rup has started a three-month stay at Marine Park to observe directly, and show a decisive audience of investors and regulators, what is taking place in one of the most creative blue innovation laboratories in the EU outermost regions. Since May 20, 2019, our Newsroom is embedded in the marine R&D coworking space that Marine Park has in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Here, next to the beach of Las Alcaravaneras, a community of entrepreneurs and startups is developing innovative ideas in offshore clean energy, submarine robotics, drones, oceanographic research, maritime tourism, management of offshore platforms and training in the new professions of the ocean economy, among other sectors.

The projects installed at Marine Park have already attracted more than two million euros of investment, according to its CEO, Manuel Ruiz de La Rosa, at the Mid Atlantic Summit, the port services conference held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at the beginning of April 2019. Two developments of the Park have been selected by the Pymes instrument of the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union; one, in addition, has received a Fullbright scholarship –Mr. Ruiz added in the same forum. Marine Park is one of the partners of the Interreg Protoatlantic project (2017-2020), together with innovation producers from Spain and Ireland, in which a model of validation and access to the specific market of maritime R&D is being developed in the Atlantic ecosystems of innovation.

Marine Park has its own laboratory and has a boat to test with prototypes. Through a service called Maritime Innovation Lab Program, they select projects to accompany them with individual plans for mentoring and finding funding and customers. The value proposition of this unique technological park consists of offering an environment of innovation specialized in maritime industries, in which technological entrepreneurs and startups can focus on inventing solutions to get to the market as soon as possible.

The maritime industries generated in 2017 a turnover of 658 billion euros, with a gross added value of 180 billion, and a gross profit for companies of 74,3 billion euros, according to the second report of the European Commission on Blue Economy, presented on May 16, 2019 in Lisbon. The net investment rate in companies in the blue economy is 24%, one of the highest in the private sector of the European Union. The maritime industries –from coastal tourism, to offshore clean energy; from the construction and naval repair, to the management of ballast water; from the exploration and extraction of oil and gas in the high seas, to oceanographic observation; from aquaculture, to artificial intelligence in ports– maintain four million full-time jobs in the EU, paid for an average annual salary of 26,400 euros.

RUP creativity for a decisive audience

Europa Rup will live, for a quarter, with the Marine Park community in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The result of our stay will be original contents of scientific and technical divulgation, destined to the small and influential intelligence community in science and innovation policies in the outermost regions of the EU that already receives the Brief Rup by email. «Our objective is to show the state of blue innovation in an ultraperipheral territory of the EU to an audience with the capacity to make investment decisions and regulation relevant to the innovation ecosystems of the ORs», explains Alicia R. Mederos, CEO and executive editor.

Europa Rup is, since November 23, 2018, the first news and analysis service on science, innovation and knowledge economy in the outermost regions of the European Union. Made in the Canary Islands, with a European and global perspective, Europa Rup follows the creativity of the outermost economies and makes visible and influential its contribution to the way of life in Europe. Our value proposition consists in the novelty of our focus, in a different voice –speaking from the intersection between journalism and scientific divulgation, between public diplomacy and economic intelligence– and in the audience of leaders to whom we address ourselves. We embrace digital nomadism, delocalisation and the cosmopolitan perspective of the most disruptive and experimental journalism.

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