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«Campus RUP is an unbeatable example of innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment to Europe from the outermost regions»

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SIX MILLION European citizens living in the oceanic Europe, on the natural border of the European Union, continually show their clear European will. A qualitative fact that is very useful in the face of rupturist discourses, but gives the impression that within the EU the outermost regions do not go from being territories to subsiditar.

The EU outermost regions are the only ones identified by its name in the European Constitution that is the Treaty of Lisbon, and are framed in three relevant State of the European Union: France, Spain and Portugal, and, in addition, were fixed at a time of European Law in which these three States were heavyweights of the Union. It’s true that the enlargement, the extension of the total population, which now totals 500 million out of 27 Member States, has caused the axis of gravitation and priorities to have shifted in some other direction, and anti-Europeanism and europhobia have proliferated, not in the ORs, which have historically benefited from their uniqueness in European Law, which allows, first, to apply the right to respect the singularities of the ORs, and second, to adopt special laws, special measures, special regulations to protect those singularities. But it is also true that the EU has to know what it wants to be when it grows, how to be globally relevant, how to look to the future, and there, the ORs are an added value. I like to affirm that the ORs are ultraimportant for the EU, because they are a platform from which to look at globalization: Latin America, the African continent, in the case of Canary Islands, Mayotte and La Réunion, and, therefore, they are a platform of opportunities, of expansion towards the neighborhood, of strategic projects with which to overcome the victimist rhetoric, or to look only at what the EU can do for one, through the ORs, and contemplate what I can do, what the RUP, for the European construction. Therefore, the initiatives that are launched from the OR with this positive future burden have to be welcomed and supported.

«The ORs are an added value for the European Union to be globally relevant»

You know perfectly well that the data of the EU itself show that the aid to the ORs between 2014-2019 has only lowered the unemployment rate in these regions and that the convergence with the European average is still a yearning. [See the current status of the convergence process, summarized by Europe Rup] Why does the EU not arbitrate measures to monitor aid and verify that its destination is the one set in each Fund?

European Law recognizes the outermost regions as the only recipients of State aid for their geographical and economic singularities, State aid that the other regions of the Union can not receive because it would be contrary to free competition. All the aid we call RUP come from various Funds: part of the Cohesion Fund, part of the European Social Fund, part of the European Regional Development Fund, and part of the Fishing Fund. All of them are administered by the Member States. In the case of Spain, we find a deeply decentralized State, a materially federal State, although it is not called that, where the Autonomous Communities administer regional incentives and European aid, so that their action is decisive, decisive, to the time for the correct use and use of aid to correct structural imbalances, particularly in the unemployment rate, especially among young people. Therefore, the responsibility for the aid is intended for the intended purpose is the regional governments, and if, as with the Canary Islands, do not improve data and unemployment figures, for example, are the same or similar with the passage of Over the years, we must take note of and demand more as citizens of our respective regional governments and demand transparency in the executions of the European Funds.

«Campus RUP is technological innovation in areas where the ORs are leading. It is a magnificent initiative because it brings to light scenarios that will allow the outermost regions to excel in creating jobs and opportunities»

The outermost regions have designed Campus RUP, a Higher Education Consortium composed of seven European universities in two Oceans, Atlantic and Indian, whose main assets are research, innovation, the blue economy, multiculturalism. Do not you think they are good foundations for recomposing the EU project?

This Consortium of ORs Universities is a magnificent example of how the initiative of socially relevant institutions –and Universities are– can concretize the vocation of the outermost regions to do something in favor of the European Union. Campus RUP is technological innovation in areas in which the ORs are leading: Marine Sciences, marine research, marine biotechnology. The Campus RUP university consortium is a magnificent initiative, because it brings to light scenarios that will allow the outermost regions to excel in creating jobs and opportunities. An initiative that deserves all the support and respect, and I have commissioned, as RUP MEP, to collect the signatures of support for this initiative among the RUP MEPs (Spain, Portugal and France), precisely, to influence our respective Parliamentary groups, which are the most pro-European in the Chamber, so that we can continue in a more arduous context defending this project, the singularities of the ORs, and also optimizing and projecting their new opportunities into the future. A university consortium like Campus RUP can be a pole of attraction for our neighborhood, for the northwestern African cornice that looks towards the Universities of the ORs, as it is the case of the Canarian Universities, visited often by African students who have in them their formative reference point, and Latin America, a whole pole of attraction for the Canary Islands and for French RUPs of the Caribbean. In summary, Campus RUP is an unbeatable example of innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment to Europe from the outermost regions.

Letter from MEPs from outermost regions on the Campus RUP alliance

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